We chose unspoilt vines from which the output, taste and natural resistance
are compatible with our regional ecological conditions. In compliance with
our philosophy we take great care of our vineyards according to biologically
organic principles. In this way we are able to guarentee fine wines that are
full of character and can be enjoyed without feeling regret afterwards.

The eco-wine guide-lines go much further than the European guide-lines
for bio- logical agriculture. For this reason we have joined the ecological
association. Not only does the abstention from pesticides, herbicides,
genetically changed organisms and synthetic manure, but also the sowing
of plants that provide natural manure (e.g. vetch, mustard, winter turnips)
and herbs like coriander, dill and caraway help to provide an ecological
system that is in order. We stand for wine-production that shows
consideration for plants, animals, the earth and also our children!

Elected as official supplier of the Berlinale for the 4th time!
ecowinner diplom certificate certificate